Causes of deficiency

Causes of vitamin D deficiency

Our main source of vitamin D is from sunlight on our skin. Because of this, the most common cause of vitamin D deficiency is a lack of sunlight. Vitamin D deficiency is most common in people who don’t spend much time outdoors, such as older people and people who live in nursing homes.

Along with a lack of sunlight, a shortage of vitamin D in the diet is another major reason for vitamin D deficiency. It can be difficult to get vitamin D in your diet, as it is naturally present in only few foods

Some people are less able to make vitamin D in their bodies – such as older people, people with darker skins, or people who cover up their skin with clothes, perhaps for cultural reasons.

Obesity can also be associated with a lack of vitamin D in the body. There are also groups of people who may have a greater need for vitamin D – such as children and pregnant or breastfeeding women.