About Vitamin D deficiency - Treatments

If you are identified as either having vitamin D deficiency or as being at particular risk of developing vitamin D deficiency, your doctor may decide to prescribe a vitamin D medicine.

These are available as capsules, oral solutions and injections. The medicines can be taken either daily, weekly or monthly depending on the medicine your doctor chooses to treat you.

Vitamin D supplements

There are Vitamin D supplements that you can buy at your pharmacy. These are manufactured to different standards than prescription-only medicines such as InVita D3. Food supplements containing vitamin D show a large variation in the amount of vitamin D contained in them – some have much less than the label says; others have much more. You can’t be sure how much you’re getting.

A prescription-only medicine, on the other hand, lets you know exactly how much you’re getting.
You can be sure with a prescription-only medicine, such as InVita D3, that your medicine will provide you with a consistent amount of vitamin D.