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CALCI-D reduces the cost
burden for prescribers

The cost burden of prescribing calcium/vitamin D can be reduced by 18-43% by selecting CALCI-D rather than other commonly prescribed brands 1-9

Monthly cost savings available by prescribing CALCI-D* 1-9

  • Potential annual acquisition cost savings of £19 million for primary care in NHS England and NHS Wales if the combined calcium/colecalciferol products from the BNF had been prescribed as CALCI-D.**

CALCI-D is licensed for the correction of calcium and Vitamin D deficiency in the elderly. CALCI-D may be used as an adjunct to specific therapy for osteoporosis, in patients with either established vitamin D and calcium combined deficiencies or in those patients at high risk of needing such therapeutic supplements.

**Data accessed October 2019. NHS Prescription Services, part of the NHS Business Services Authority (BSA), is the provider of the England data, and the NHS Wales Shared Partnerships Services is the provider of the Wales data. This public sector information is licensed under the Open Government Licence v3.0 (

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