InVita D3 2,400 IU


InVita D3 2,400 IU/ml oral drops

InVita D3 2,400 IU/ml oral drops solution is licensed for use in pregnancy*, breastfeeding and paediatrics aged 0-18 years

InVita D3 2,400 IU/ml oral drops, solution is a clear liquid with an orange odour. It is supplied in a 10 ml brown, moulded glass bottles sealed with polypropylene screw cap. Each pack contains 1 brown, moulded glass bottle

  • Dosage: 2,400 IU
  • Product range: Oral solution
  • Units per pack: 1 x 10ml bottle
  • Prevention of vitamin D deficiency in infants and children 1
  • Prevention of vitamin D deficiency in pregnant and breast-feeding women 1

Pre-clinical studies conducted in various animal species have demonstrated that toxic effects occur in animals at doses much higher than those required for therapeutic use in humans 1

In toxicity studies at repeated doses, the effects most commonly reported were increased calciuria and decreased phosphaturia and proteinuria 1

Hypercalcaemia has been reported in high doses. In a state of prolonged hypercalcaemia, histological alterations (calcification) were more frequently borne by the kidneys, heart, aorta, testes, thymus and intestinal mucosa 1

Colecalciferol has been shown to be teratogenic at high doses in animals 1

At doses equivalent to those used therapeutically, colecalciferol has no teratogenic activity1

Colecalciferol has no potential mutagenic or carcinogenic activity1

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* Care should be taken when prescribing in pregnancy as

medicines can cross the placenta and may affect the foetus