InVita D3 50,000 IU


InVita D3 50,000 IU/ml oral solution

InVita D3 50,000 IU oral solution is indicated for prevention and treatment of vitamin D deficiency in adults. The oral solution is free from gelatin, nuts, lactose and soya and is suitable for vegetarians.

  • Dosage: 50,000 IU
  • Product range: Oral solution
  • Units per pack: 3 x 1 ml ampoules

Treatment of vitamin D deficiency 1

No variation in calcium levels or clinically relevant adverse events noted in 2 studies with 25,000 IU/ml or 50,000 IU/ml dosage 2,3

In a study with four different therapeutic dosing schedules using multiples of 25,000 IU, with daily intake as high as 4167 IU per day in one group, no clinically significant change in plasma calcium or phosphorus concentrations were observed 2

A dose-response study using total treatment doses of vitamin D up to 400,000 IU across the 8-week study period reported no vitamin D or calcium related adverse events 3

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